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Our Technologies

We provide a comprehensive range of cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities, and respond to incidents and crises when they occur. Our services are designed to help you build confidence, understand your threats and vulnerabilities, and secure your environment.

Forest Tree

A holistic security solution designed to protect and serve your business needs

Forest Tree extracts, indexes, and stores network traffic across your entire organisation. It's is highly scalable, engineered for performance on large volume networks. We enrich your network traffic, analysing, sorting, and indexing important features to make it easily accessible and useful for an analyst, all in real time.

The app has been designed to support the common tasks of security team members. Investigate local devices, report on endpoint geography, or see high risk events: the comprehensive range analysis can give you certainty over your digital communications.

Our proven technology is already helping governments, telcos and national security organisations protect their assets. Find out how we can help protect yours.

Product capabilities

Network operations

Forest Tree provides information about data and communications in your network allowing full visibility of activity from your systems. Operations staff can extract data to create inventories of your entire estate and its behaviour dynamically. It can be used to identify end-user computing, data transfers to cloud providers and other third parties. Forest Tree can bring you visibility of services that are outside the control of your systems management solutions.

Smart Security

Forest Tree produces risk rated assessments of all network activity, facilitating inspection down to packet level for security operations teams and provide security dashboards for management. Connections and data transfers can be approved so that they aren’t continuously nagged for attention.

Our machine learning characterises user behaviour and can identify when a user deviates from the norms for they role or is inconsistent with their peers.

Designed for collaboration

Forest Tree supports Group functions who can have the same visibility of dashboard information and thus have transparency between operations and policy and compliance departments. Some examples of use cases include:

Is user behaviour changing? Which users are not complying with policies? Are you in compliance with policies and regulations?

Is the total risk score reducing in line with your plan?

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See how Forest Tree can help protect your business


Compliance and reporting made easy

VisDa enables you to visualise, explore and identify the origins and destinations of all of your data transfers both within your network and to third parties all over the world. By showing you what data you are transferring to where, and by automatically calculating the risk that the data transfer poses to your business, VisDa gives you control of your data in a way that no other solution can match.

An essential component in helping your organisation comply with regulations such as GDPR, Dodd-Frank and the reporting obligations of many other regulations, our solution is backed up by world-renowned records management experts who lead the implementation teams.

Key components


Core captures, analyses, and processes your network data to provide a complete track- and-trace solution, all whilst being completely transparent to your network.

Complete track and trace

VisDa provides track-and-trace functionality that allows it to act as a “black box” on the network, identifying content as and when it is needed by your analysts.

Risk Assessment Algorithms

Using the outputs of these algorithms, VisDa tracks your network’s risk exposure over time, highlighting the riskiest systems and data ows that may need more controls put in place to protect them

Graphical User Interface

Through a series of linked dashboards, VisDa provides a uni ed view, crafted to the needs of each pro le from the CIO to the security analysts.

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We are a team of award winning cyber security professionals

Our team of world class experts can deliver the definition, design and execution of your organisation’s security strategy, aligned with industry and government standards and adapted to your organisation’s specific needs.

From heads of information security and staff training to technology implementation and penetration testing, our team is formed of top experts in their specific areas. Having secured some of the largest banks, energy companies and governmental entities, we can ensure each of your organisation’s needs are covered.

Our consultants are skilled and experienced professionals having trained and worked within the consultancy arms of the Big 4 and tier one professional services firms.

Our professionals

Chris Gould

Head of Consulting

Former Partner for Cyber Security and Cyber Crime at EY and PwC, Chris is Head of Consulting at Secgate. He specialises in Information Risk with over 25 years experience in assisting organisations throughout the world in assessing and managing technology related risks particularly relating to Information Security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management.

George Thompson

Head of Enterprise

Former Director at KPMG and CISO to major communication company, George is the head of Enterprise Solutions at Secgate. He specialises in helping leaders focus on the development of the business and opportunities integrating enterprise security requirements into Secgate’s products and services.

How we can help

Our people

Secgate exudes excellence through its people. It has assembled a team of senior cyber security consultants from the top consulting firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture and PwC. Our team also includes heads of IT Security, cyber incident response professionals and other information security experts from leading financial services, energy and telecommunications firms as well as experienced professionals from the worlds of SMEs, political foundations and academia.

Our group of experts hold some of the leading security certifications in the world, including CISSP, CISM, CISA, ITIL, FAST, CRISC, GIAC Security Expert (GSE) SANS, GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) SANS, GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) SANS, GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM) SANS and GICSP.

Our capabilities

  • - Managing in a crisis
  • - Keeping up with the regulator
  • - Dealing with the human challenge
  • - Adapting to business change and driving the digital agenda

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Solutions for Government

Stability and control in the government of a country and the reputation abroad are the basis for an externally reliable country, and both can be impacted by weak cyber security. Alongside the direct financial threat of a major cyber attack, the damage to the reputation will harm inward investment into the country.

Secgate has a wealth of expertise in the definition and implementation of cyber security strategies at national level. By defining a long term strategy and supporting it with the appropriate regulations, an achievable baseline will be set that will increase the cyber security profile of the critical systems that support the nation. This approach can be extended to organisations working in specific sectors to ensure a consistent and effective protection.

Please contact us directly to discuss governmental work solutions@secgate.co.uk